New website on line success

2017.8.18 08:20:23

Elite Sporting Goods new website on the success of the line, thank you for your support.

In the Intense market competition, Elite adheres to the business philosophy of "quality first, credibility first". Based on abundant technical force, advanced management, and strict quality control, we have established long-term stable cooperative relationship with customers from both domestic and abroad.

Elite International Ltd. is a professional sports goods supplier, distributor, and import/export company, specializing in all kinds of balls production. Elite strategy is to remain proactive, non-traditional and customize supply chain solutions for our customers. We treat customers’ IPs highly confidential and take an integrated approach to serve customers’ needs from concept to distribution..


We stand out to be an iconic vendor in the sports goods industry with broad product categories, and best quality to meet the demands of our customers.

As a responsible corporate citizen and supplier, we welcome every opportunity to partner with global companies and customers without limiting ourselves the form of collaboration. We aim at modelling the business which which enables sustainable growth together.

Confidence comes from quality and the strength of corporation. Welcome domestic and overseas customers come to negotiate business and cooperate with us!

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Reliable Quality and Reasonable Price

Elite sports Glory brand series basketball wholesale, how can we buy to lower prices and better quality products.


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