Why you should never a warm up?

2017.8.18 08:20:23


    By completing a warm up to a high level you’re getting your body ready for the intensity of the activity you’re doing, raising your body temperature and also your heart rate; this all helps in reducing the risk of injury.

    Pulse Raiser

    At the start of any warm up you want to ideally raise your heart rate. If there is any specialist equipment such as a bike or a treadmill you would look to use this for between 5-10 minutes at a moderate intensity. If there is no equipment available then a jog will suffice, but you need to make sure that your pulse is increasing.

    Dynamic stretching

    This type of stretching is stretching that involves movement whilst completing the stretch, for example walking lunges or squats. The alternative to this is static stretching, this can be completed after dynamic stretches; however, this can decrease the temperature in the muscles which increases the risk of injury.

    After this you would look to carry on this warm up with a skill specific session; whether it be passing of a football whilst jogging or passing a rugby ball whilst jogging.

    This will then make sure that your body is ready for the activity ahead with a reduced chance of obtaining and injury.

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