About some of the major sports in the United States who are more popular

2017.8.18 08:20:23

Football,this is no dispute, the United States first movement, because the Americans are playing (Australia, the United Kingdom of those who do not count, not called rugby). NFL started in September, the basic is the start with the University football. In football, college football really than the NFL popular, college football a regular season total 12 games (not counting all ball), winning or losing a is very influence behind whether can hit the ball, a division in the first place, while the university has a strong regional (old beauty is very like reading their surrounding University, especially their own state, cheap --), so it's all in support of their favorite team.

NBA,The people are familiar with it will not have to say.

The United States as a sporting nation, national heart into, both men and women, old and young, chat is inseparable from the sports of the topic. In the face of speculation, and some younger sister paper than you know more than you know. As for who is more popular in my opinion are popular, because the three movement time staggered.

Baseball, the October playoffs and the world series, and football and basketball are just the start. You're better than the ratings. And next, college football in January to play a variety of BALL (translation is a variety of cup, other events than but), followed by the beginning of the NFL playoffs and just over the super bowl, basketball and how to compare?

Next, March Madness, college basketball playoffs began, of course, everyone's focus is on top of this, may, June NBA playoffs began, fans and into the new battle to. June to October to fans in the off-season, is also a regular season baseball season, baseball basically every day to play, a of a month will hit more than 25 games of the game, every day live, so a year down, sports channel has been a wonderful constantly.

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